april 2012


Er vel såpass lenge siden jeg kom med sitater, egentlig. Så tenkte jeg kunne legge ut noen her. Fordi jeg liker dem.

"People says that I can't do anything for anyone. People says that I'm nothing. People says that I can't be something. But I can tell you something. I says this to myself every single day: Knock the t of "can't" and "never say never".

"Stand up and walk away."

"You want that true friendship shall live forever. You don't want that false friendship shall live forever."

"You can think everything about me, but you don't know what I have going through."

"Cry and smile, die and tell us a lie."

"We cry, we smile. We are humans."

"Tears is water, and tears comes from a eye."

"Sometimes make it hurt. Sometimes it feels good. Sometimes are you happy, sometimes are you unhappy. Sometimes are you lucky, and sometimes are you unlucky. But remember this: This is sometimes. Not all the time."

"In this moment people are dying, and people are born."

"I'm not a robot. I'm a human. Humans have feelings. We can cry, we can be happy, we can be lucky, we can get angry. Robots can't cry."

"It's more behind the smile than you believe."

"People is fighting against the death, starvation, sickness and many different things."

"They look like a couple. They seems to be happy together. And they behave like a couple. But they are not a couple. Love is hard."

"You said fat. I said normal. You said ugly, I said pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, adorable."

"I don't care if you are lesbian, gay, black."

"No pain, no rain, no fear, nothing."

"You said 'useless', I said 'no'. You said 'worthless', I said 'no'. You said 'ugly', I said 'no'. You said 'pretty', I said 'yes'."

"A perfect eye, a perfect lie."

"She said 'I want to be perfect.' And then I said 'You are.'"

"Watch me cry, watch me die. Let me telling you a lie."

"I smile, but inside me I die."

"Soulmates never dies apart. They support each other and they holding each other forever."

"I wish I could turn the clock back in time. Just to experience the time."

"They are free. The birds are free. They have wings and they can fly."

"Angels have wings, they can fly. Birds have wings, they can fly. I wish I could fly."


"Although people are gay, bisexual or anything else are they still a human. Don't judge they for their sexuality."


"Love is love. Love knows no limits."


"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."



Det er over to måneder siden jeg blogget. Jeg vet det, jeg er en dårlig blogger. Jeg har egentlig hatt null inspirasjon om hva jeg skal blogge om, derfor har jeg ikke blogget på en stund. Vet jeg er dårlig på å oppdatere, men har egentlig ikke så mye å blogge om.